If only for a moment.

In the throughs of busy motherhood, it’s important to take a moment during your daily activities to do something that recharges you.  You know what I LOVE to do?  Brush my teeth.  Now all my single friends, or friends without kids probably won’t quite grasp the gloriousness that is brushing ones teeth, in silence.  Recently my husband splurged at The Costco (yes, I said The Costco like a Sun City Retired Resident) and bought us matching Sonicares (I wish they paid me to write this stuff).  It has become one of the most treasured two minuets of my day.  At first I loathed it, because the darn thing took so long, and I thought to myself, “I have about twenty-two other things I need to be doing right now!  Hurry this business UP!”  And then I remembered something my dental hygienist told me when I was first pregnant with my twins.  She said, “Honey, after childbirth, most moms don’t even have time to brush their teeth but once a day, much less floss.”  It was in that reflective moment I decided I would not, I WOULD NOT become one of those moms.  I will take two  minuets out of my day to spend on my teeth.  Now, I’m not saying a day doesn’t go by when it’s noon and I realize I still haven’t brushed my teeth (TMI) however, after a frazzled morning with the baby up early, the kids sharing oatmeal with the kitchen floor and tears topped with timeouts, I take a moment, mind you, two moments to be precise, and I brush my teeth, in silence.  This gives me a momentary false sense of control over my life.  It’s not true, I have no control over anything in my life, however the illusion is quite peaceable and I like it.  If you have a stressful job, perhaps motherhood, teaching, being a nurse – any job where other people are depending on you, demanding from you or requiring all you’ve got from you all day long – do yourself and everyone else a favor -take a moment and brush your teeth.  Or whatever makes you happy!

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