Letting Go of Control

My kids started preschool today.

She’s a natural with the camera, what can I say?

That doesn’t sound like a big deal being a teacher, until it’s your own kids.

He looks really sure of this whole ordeal… Crayon to the face.

I feel like my heart could burst in thankfulness to the Lord for everything He is doing and has done in my life since the beginning of this summer.  When God promised me (while in prayer) that I’d really enjoy this fall, I believed Him.  It’s already happening.  The youngest is napping and my house is quiet.  Like completely.  This is a rare moment.  No one is sneaking out of beds to go potty for the fourth time during afternoon naps… I’m not holding my breath waiting to tell someone to go back to bed.  I feel so peaceful.

Eli bonked his head on the wall and is wincing from his camera crazy antics. Dani is attempting to follow directions. This is typical. Look out Pinterest, this perfect “first day of preschool” photo is about to go viral.

Of course I was sad a little that my twin babies aren’t babies anymore.  That I didn’t get their blankees and put them down for a morning nap in a crib with their favorite paci like I used to, two years ago.  But I have the youngest for that.  I held her extra close and cuddled her extra long and thanked the Lord that I still had a baby to fawn over, to protect, to hold close and cuddle and get to provide almost everything she needs on this earth for now.

With the baby.
My third little blessing.

The Lord totally knew my heart would have probably broken this morning without her.  God is so good at giving us what we need when we don’t know we need it.  Sometimes it’s a rough spot in our marriage that looks hopeless and then turns into a beauty and depth we never knew existed.  Other times it’s an unexpected pregnancy that ensures a baby in my arms when I drop my first two babies off for preschool.  We just never know why some things happen, but when they do, and we give control over to God, we know we can trust Him to make it good.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

God is so good, and I’m so glad that I am not in control.

Proud dad.
Happy dad, happy kids.  Hot dogs served with a smile.

So far my hot dog stand lady fast has been peaceful.  I’ve played with my kids more, I’ve laughed more, I’ve relaxed more.  I’ve enjoyed life more.

I let my kids run in the ocean with all of their clothes on because we hadn’t packed for the beach.


My son walked back to the car in his Buzz Lightyear undies and strangers smiled and chuckled.

“Ellie, look at the camera for mommy!”

We dried clothes out the car windows as we drove the windy roads back to the city.

IMG_8064 IMG_8077

IMG_8055 IMG_8096

I didn’t care that it wasn’t organized or planned or pretty.

Crying because she fell into the water face first. We convinced her it was fun.

We got sand in the car and dirt in our fingernails.


We ate hamburgers even though I’ve been trying to coerce my family into eating vegan the past year and a half.

Fries on fries.
She is spoiled by her Dada.

I’m letting go of control.  And so far, I’m kinda liking it.IMG_4658

Annnnnd – just because I think there should be SOME form of humor in every post, I give you:

Side of the road bathroom break:

This should be a “welcome to parenting” greeting card.

Yes, we were too lazy to find a gas station.

No she never did go potty as she stated she needed to do.  Just sat there, in his arms for a very long time, enjoying the experience;-)  He was delighted as you can see.

Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Letting Go of Control

  1. Bek- I simply loved this!!!! By the way- her Granna would not be able to do that potty thing by the road thing either… just a heads up!!! I am so glad you are enjoying the job and gifts GOD has given you!!


  2. I really enjoyed your mix of narrative and pictures to support the idea. Such a calm, encouraging way to start my day! Thanks for sharing this!


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