fast food. (this one is ACTUALLY about food!)

Sometimes, I think I’m like Oprah, and that everyone wants to know my favorite things.

I personally, think my favorite things are awesome – hence their title.

So today, dear reader, I give you – a (*mostly) vegan fast food recipe, that you put together yourself in about ten minutes.

It’s not made from scratch, in fact it’s not even 100% plant strong super duper healthy times.  But I’d say it’s pretty  healthy (by which I mean it’s better for you then a fast food burger or something) and it tastes AMAZING.  We (meaning my husband and I) eat this a few times a week for lunch.  Now that you’ve all recognized that I’m obviously a nutritionalist… on to the recipe!

Fancy iphone photos included!

Garlic Naan Wraps with Cold Green Grapes

(serves 2)  (baby/toddler version on bottom)

try not to be jealous of my awesome photography skills in capturing the deliciousness of this entire meal.
Try not to be jealous of my awesome photography skills in capturing the deliciousness of this entire meal.

(you don’t have to be super familiar with Naan to try this one – I promise, it sounds super foreign, but it’s not that crazy)

What you’ll need: (veggies can be added to or interchanged at your will)

  • 2 Garlic Naan (they sell this frozen at TJ’s, or fresh at Whole Foods) among MANY places (we freeze the wf kind) *THE NOT COMPLETELY VEGAN PART)
  • 4 generous tablespoons of Hummus (I use basil pesto hummus, my husband likes garlic hummus)
  • 1/2 a diced avocado
  • 1/4 cup shredded carrot
  • 1 or 2 diced green onion (remove root looking part – I know, I’m a chef with that specific direction)
  • 1/4 cucumber or zucchini (about 3 inches)
  • 1/2 bell pepper (yellow, orange or red for the sweetness)
  • baby kale mix (or other green leafy vegetable)
  • 1 smallish tomato
  • 1 Morning Star, Grillers Vegan
  • Few shakes of salt (optional)
  • bunch of COLD green grapes from the fridge (if you put these in the fridge when you get home from buying them at the store, they might be cold when you make this the next day or whatever).
photo 5
Award winning photography.

Instructions: if you want the quick version because you’re very hungry, just read the bold, if you want to hear commentary and tips, read all of it.

Toast two garlic naan in toaster oven, flat side towards toaster heating apparatus, or on the driveway if you live in Dasht-e Lut, Iran (the hottest place on earth).  Chop your veggies.  Just don’t forget about your naan – set the timer or something.

Dice your avocado by slicing it in half, ninja chop the seed (carefully!) and then turn it clockwise out with your knife, it will come right out.  Do not do this if it doesn’t feel safe, do not.  Leave the fruit inside and slice it horizontally, then vertically, use spoon to scrape it out.  Save the other half by putting the seed back in it’s placing and plastic bag it (try to get all the air out), refrigerate.

Slice your green onion.  Make baby triangles out of your cucumber or zucchini.  Slice the whole bell pepper and slice the other half of bell pepper into long pieces for a snack to dip into hummus later.  For some reason if my veggies are already cut in the fridge, I’m more likely to eat them for a snack.

I even chop the greens, because I don’t think I look particularly cute pulling a giant piece of lettuce into my mouth with my tongue like a giraffe, just sayin’.

She’s cute though, she can get away with it.  She hail’s from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado.

Dice your tomato.

Cook your single Morning Star, Grillers Vegan as directed on the box. (assuming you did not buy it on the vegan black market and not get the box), once cooked, dice it up.

Bust out that hummus and plaster the those naan on the non-toasted side.  Add 1/2 your ingredients down the center of one naan, then repeat with the second.  Leave the avocado and tomato for the top so you can salt it a bit (optional)

Chomp chomp!  Done.

Baby/Toddler version:

Some kiddos are more likely to eat something if they’ve picked it out.  I pull out the reusable cupcake liners (amazon has fancy colors) and let the kids fill three or four with their choice of veggies.  I typically put out: cherry tomatoes, sliced raw zucchini, sliced raw cucumber, sliced carrots, diced avocado and green onion and bell pepper.  Then I put a spoonful of their hummus of choice in a cupcake liner and let them dip their veggies.  Once they’ve eaten a decent amount of veggies, (or in one of my children’s cases, eaten the hummus by dipping all four fingers and scooping it into his or her mouth like a giant human hand spoon), I give them 1/2 a slice of toasted garlic naan and some grapes.

This child was the ONLY one who enjoyed the roasted beets and carrots I made a few weeks ago. It was NOT-delicious.  It was NOT.

For the baby, I chop the veggies up SUPER small, and drop them onto a plastic plate already smeared in hummus on the bottom, (kinda like it’s a pizza), as she picks them up, she gets both veggie and hummus.  I then hold my breath and hope she eats some more of them.  I also put strips of garlic naan out for her.  My kids even as babies liked lots of different flavors, so I never did the “no seasonings” thing.  Slice grapes into millions of pieces, and only feed them to baby’s who have all of their teeth, and then some more, and can pronounce the word, “especially” with ease and perfection.  Totally kidding, but grapes can be SUPER dangerous choking hazards if your kiddo is little, so seriously, dice and dice – it takes tons of hours and it 100% worth it to keep your baby safe 😉

This advice is useless however if you have kids who drop food on the floor, and then the baby goes for second breakfast hobbit style and finds them wholly in tact.  That’s why I always keep these links handy, and have printed versions for my baby-sitter binder in case I freeze up in a panic and forget what to do.

The Mayo Clinic on Choking

Heimlich on Child

Heimlich on an Infant

Thanks for reading!

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