Treat Yo’ Self

Once I went to a day spa, it even included a lunch.  I felt like I was finally living the life I was meant for – destiny and my body had collided.  The luxurious robe, the peaceful spa music and calming scented candles flickering specks of light, illuminating only the path necessary to get around, the insanely cold water that has no ice (ice cubes are like stop and go traffic in your mouth) and the crisp salad,  – all of it – YES.  Two hours and probably $300 dollars later, I was tossed back into reality like a hungover drunk, pushed out of the day spa trying to squint at the sun.  As my feet sauntered through the exit, my face red from a facial, still under the strong influence of Enya and minted cucumber water, I said to myself, “I WILL do this again.”  I’m pretty sure the bible says not to make vows, so let’s call it a strong promise to myself.

And here I find myself, five years later, NOT at the day spa.

But, fear not, I am still living my destiny.  It just happens to NOT be at the day spa 24 hours a day… or ever, actually.

Since I do not like to break promises to myself, I have instituted day spa at home. This usually doesn’t involve a massage or even a robe, just “treating myself”.  LIke, “Treat Yo Self”.  Often times, treating myself means eating lunch without ten-thousand interruptions, and perhaps even drinking a delicious beverage (non-alcoholic of course, I save the heavy drinking for when the husband gets home, that way someone always sober to drive the kids to the hospital if the wrestling gets out of hand.  *I am absolutely kidding, no one in our home ever does any heavy drinking, we can barely finish half a bottle of wine – I DO not ever encourage being drunk, the bible is totes against it, and when your trashed, you aren’t much use to God for his work, so I strive to always be available to what he’s up to, drinking wine or otherwise.)

So, today my day spa included a crisp taco salad, an arnold palmer, and some Hillsong United.  De-lightful.

photo 1 (1)

Here’s my salad.  I made these a few days ago (the recipe makes four), and since the salsa had been prepped the beans rinsed, and olive can open, it only took a moment to chop up romaine and crumble some chips, the rest was already done for me = Day spa style.
photo 2

I really like this cookbook, Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.  The page before has a Sushi Roll Edamame Salad recipe that is crazy good.  Anyway, it’s vegan of course, but more importantly, it’s fairly quick and delicious.  People are always asking me “What do you eat?” when I say I cook and eat mostly vegan, so I like to give good cookbook references when I can.  I usually reply with,  “brown rice, whole wheat breads and pastas, and lots of veggies – and chocolate, and trader joe’s baked bbq chips, and doughnuts…” It’s a convincing life choice sell 😉

photo 4

Here’s my table for ONE.

photo 5

But not really, because THIS was going on.  They are making a “bounce house” by putting all the downstairs guest bedroom pillows in the port-o-crib and then jumping and falling onto it from the couch, hence my “hospital driver” reference.  It’s mostly safe.

photo 2

Grocery carts + kitchen = indy 500 according to my son.  He does laps around me while I try and cook, and concentrate.  I must say though, he’s very considerate, when I have the fridge open or am in his path, he yells, “RED LIGHT” and waits.  It’s loud and sweet at the same time.

photo 3

This girl is just hanging out while her brother preps the bounce house for her and her baby doll.
photo 2And now he’s vacuuming.

He said he wanted to vacuum for me because he didn’t want there to be a mess.  This vacuum actually works btw, unfortunately it is also loud, so after a few minuets, I decided he had done a wonderful job and it was time to put it away.

So, how is this a day spa?  I’ve decided that day spa is a sense of mind.  And, it’s not too often that I think to remember to be kind to myself, and give myself a break.  I am usually so tired of helping everyone else that by the time I get a chance to do something nice for myself, I say, “Egh, whatever, I eat pb&j like the kids again for the fourteenth time this week and then go clean something”.

Moms.  I think God is not only speaking to just me on this.  I LITERALLY felt him lead me to make a nice salad, and a tasty beverage and do something I love, which in this case was to write.  I love writing. I love sharing what I am learning, because I find that in sharing, I learn that I am not so alone as I think.  This refreshes me.  Yet, it still took the bending of my own will, to follow his lead and just REST.  I had to go against my feelings of wanting to get more done and do what he asked me to do.  It was a step of faith.

I think moms are some of the worst offenders of the whole resting concept.  We feel guilty, we feel there’s still so much to do, we feel, we feel, we feel.  God’s word says.  It says to REST, to take a Sabbath.  God took a day off by example when he made the heavens and the earth.  I am still learning how to incorporate the Sabbath mentality into parenthood, and right now, it’s mostly just moments of a Sabbath spread out over the week.  Any mother knows that the day you get all the kids in the car and take them to church doesn’t really feel like the Sabbath.  So how do we do it?

We are not meant to work on empty.  I think I forget that sometimes, and it’s not till I do something restful, that I remember again why it is so important.  So we make it a priority, and we give ourselves grace.  We pray and we tell the Lord that we are terrible at resting when he calls us to do it and we ask him to lead us.  He totally will.  He’s leading me and you all know how much that work that must be!  And, we remember that he loves us, and that laundry will still be there after we rest, and that’s oaky too.

So, go on and “Treat Yo Self!”

As always, thanks so much for reading.

One thought on “Treat Yo’ Self

  1. Thanks for sharing, can you imagine how your grandmas did this with 4 or more? I can’t. I don’t know how I raised mine, with a full time job and 2 hr commute, and I don’t remember ever having a Spa Day until mine were in college. So keep at it, hopefully it will create some muscle memory and become part of your routine!


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