kale, kale, kale smoothie

So today I’m just drinking smoothies.  I accidentally ate two strawberries and some nuts, technically, those “could have” been blended into a smoothie.

I’m like fasting today, but it’s a pansy sort of fast.  But whatever, it’s what I felt like God led me to do.  I’ve been praying fervently about a few things this past week, and a few nights I was even sleeping/waking up/praying through the night and in my dreams – that sounds weird.

Did you ever get so excited about something when you were a kid that you couldn’t sleep, so you’d sleep, but wake up a bunch and also dream all about it?  I used to do this over amusement parks.  I stinkin’ love amusement parks.  Rides. Are. So. Fun.

I still do this as a grown up, but when I’m really wanting to see prayer change something or when I’m really excited about something.  Anyway, last night, I felt like God was like, “Hey, you’ve been doing a lot of praying and interceding, why don’t you take the day off from trying to be spiritual and just fast and drink smoothies tomorrow.”

Of course I was so down, smoothies are delicious, that is so easy, and I will absolutely try not to be super spiritual today, which most likely means, God actually wants to use me the way HE intends, not me trying to be spiritual FOR him, if that makes sense.  Also, all that interceding kinda wore me out, which means it’s possible I wasn’t actually going about it in the right way, and God is probably correcting that, but I digress.  I didn’t even have the energy to make dinner.  I just stared at my poor husband (who’d been up since 4:30am) and said, “please make dinner appear, I know I’m the stay at home mom, and it’s sorta a reasonable expectation that I have dinner for our family on a fairly regular basis, but I failed, and I’m tired, and I don’t like thinking about ingredients… the fridge hates me, and the freezer too – they don’t even have all the ingredients I need to make the things I want to eat!”

After picking me up off the kitchen floor, he took us all out to sushi.  Problems solved.  I got 99 problems but hunger ain’t one of them.

This smoothie was my lunch today.  I made it up after reading two different recipes, and not having all of the ingredients for either (I told you, my fridge is grouchy lately – I should probably get myself to a store), so I just improvised.  Davin tasted it and said, “you can still taste the beets, but that’s pretty good.”  He then drank the rest of it.  So, not groundbreaking delicious in his book, but I would easily toss this in once a week.  I rather enjoyed this little beauty.

Ingredients (makes 2):

2  1/2 cups of almond milk

1 cup chopped kale (if you hate bitterness in all forms, remove thick stems)

1 cup frozen blueberries

1/4 cup beet

1 cup frozen banana

Blend it all up until it’s liquified.  Splash in some more almond milk if your blender is struggling.

Here is where I apologize to all readers that I am not a professional photographer yet… also that I was lazy and didn’t take pictures until I was almost done when I realized, HEY!  This smoothie is super yummy!  I should share this one!  So you get the leftover scraps of photos.  I know, totally makes you want to jump up in the kitchen and make one!

photo 3
Maybe if I take a picture of myself drinking the smoothie, it will look more delicious.  I think the mistake I made here was inadvertently taking a selfie and also, a selfie of me actually drinking the smoothie, I’m pretty sure smoothie drink models just pretend to drink the smoothies, I also went went ahead and faced the camera TO the sun… I could go on.
photo 1
Maybe if I take an up-close photo? Nope, still looks like a regular photo of a smoothie in a broken cup. * note, I have dropped this poor cup more than once… we’ve had some serious disagreements over gravity and balance.  Get it together smoothie cup!  Get it together!
photo 5
For reals guys, it tastes yummy.

Try to imagine a cute mason jar, in perfect lighting, in a white kitchen, with a little bit of yummy plum colored smoothie spilling down off to the right of the jar and fresh flowers off to the side with lots of sunshine and no children.  Also include one of those cute black and white striped paper straws that I am too cheap to buy.

Thanks for reading!

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