Mother’s Day

IMG_8127This afternoon, I was folding my son’s laundry.  He and his sister Dani just turned five this past week.  We typically use birthdays as an opportunity to give them the next season of clothes as gifts, since it lines up well.  After I had finished washing his old clothes from this week, mixed in with his new ones I started to get sentimental.  The old Thomas the Train shirt is getting a little small as well as faded blue Lightining McQueen.




Is it strange that I’m trying to savor and hold on to the days where my son would rather wear a cartoon character on his shirt than something a little more grown up?  When his bright red hand-me-down Mickey Mouse sweatshirt is the number one pick in his closet?  I know the days are coming, when he wouldn’t want to be seen in a Lightening McQueen, and that’s fine, I’m sure I’ll love and adore him just as much then as I do now.  However, I’m sensing that this phase is passing and short, and just so sweet.  I’m not quite ready to give it up yet – and thankfully I don’t have to.

The fact that he picked out all superhero t-shirts, especially the over-the-top Superman one with a cape, tells me he is still my little boy.

The new lineup, a little bit more grown up, but not too much.
The cape… I’m thinking this should NOT be worn to school, I’m concerned it may introduce a little TOO much superhero spirit into class.

I see him growing and changing into a mature young man by the questions he asks, but his zest for life and fun is still ever present and dominant.

I can still hear his giggle and laughter in my mind as he was chasing his daddy and sister through the halls before nap time.  After lunch, my husband picked up our youngest, Ellie who’s three and ran around the house, hiding from the older two.  Ellie cries if Davin doesn’t carry her, because she’s not fast enough to ever catch him.  So, he carries her even though she slows him down and gives away all his hiding places by yelling, “I”M RIGHT HERE!!!!”  The older two laugh and run and giggle as they attempt to chase down Daddy and Ellie.

Maybe it’s because we think we are having our last child in a few weeks, and we know it’s a girl which means none of Eli’s old clothes will be worn again in our house.

Maybe it’s because I know that I’ll never get these moments back, because even IF we had another little boy, he wouldn’t be my Eli.  He would be his own little person.

God has created something special between a boy and his Mama.  Eli holds a unique piece of my heart that no one else has, and it’s been that way since he was a tiny squishy baby.

Seriously? Does it get any more adorable than this?

We get each other.  He reads me well and and I can understand him.  It’s just so easy most of the time for the two of us to get along.

I can wrestle him and tickle him, push him over and fake punch him in ways I’d never do to the girls.  He’s rough and rowdy, but also so very deep and insightful.  Over the past few days he’s asked me different questions that have me thinking he’s going a lot deeper in his mind than super hero t-shirts and games of chase.

“God made the world, and everything in it, and us, but who made God?”

As I pondered how to answer this question in a way that a five year old would understand, I had a hard time concentrating because I was so amazed that he even thought to ask that question.  To be fair, Dani asks equally as astounding questions, but since I’m getting sappy over Eli, we’ll keep the topic on him this time.

I had to go with scripture, hoping God would fill in any gaps.  “Well buddy, the bible just says that God always was, always is and always will be.  Kinda crazy right?  It’s hard for us to understand, because everything in our world right now has a beginning and an end.  But not God.”

He nodded and thought it through.  It seemed to satisfy his theology for the moment.  He’s just now five and he seems to be reaching beyond his years in reasoning and questions.

He’s always listening to the conversations between Davin and I.  We’ve had to start spelling things, if we don’t want him to know or ask any leading questions.

Often, Eli will come up and start helping me with whatever task I am working at if he wants to hang out.  Or if he picks up on the fact that I’m getting drained, he comes in and says, “What can I do to help you Mama?”   His peppy little spirit usually helps me pick it back up and finish the job with a smile.

I’m not saying I’m the only mother in the world with amazing kids, I’m just saying that I’m amazed God would love me so much, to give me such a sweet, intelligent, and capable little son like Eli.  I have my girls and could and I’m sure will write entire blogs about them as well, but for some reason, this Mother’s Day, my little boy has come to the forefront of my mind, and I’m just so grateful for him and that he’s still mostly in the superhero t-shirt stage of life.

Maybe it’s because he’s so much like his daddy, and I love his daddy.

Maybe it’s because he’s hilarious and loves to enjoy life and he’s organized and methodical in his leadership skills;-)

Maybe it’s because I see him take care of his sisters even when they play, making sure everyone has a fort built for them, everyone has the pillow for sliding down the grass, and everyone is included and has what they need.  I watch this leadership in a five year old boy and wonder where the Lord will place him one day.

I pray for his wife.  That she adores him and loves him and is beautiful inside and out.  That she loves Jesus deeply and prays for her husband daily.  That when they get married and she gets to be the one to kiss him goodnight, that he feels loved, cared for beyond grateful have his best friend by his side.  I know those beautiful days will come, and I hope for now, as I get to be his Mama growing up, that I  can set an example of the kind of woman he will search for and find one day.  The way I treat him now will be the way he’s accustomed to being treated by a woman as an adult, and I want him to strike GOLD in his wife, because he is gold, (gold that is being refined in the Father’s fire, but gold nonetheless.)

My little dude.
Giving his sweet little friend the drivers seat… even if she’s too tiny to take them anywhere;-)
Hanging with the girls.
Entertaining his little cousin.
Teaching Ellie how to “fix a bike” and letting her help.
Loves his papa AND motorcycles.
Not only did he offer to do all the breakfast dishes, but he then trained Ellie in proper loading technique.

It’s normal for a Mama to think she has one of the best son’s in the world right?

As always, thanks for reading.

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