Photo Update

We took baby bump photos this morning in our backyard because it was WAY too hot to go anywhere far from air conditioning;-)  IMG_0023IMG_9877

All my babies.
IMG_9879IMG_9898 IMG_9914 IMG_9929 IMG_9936I’m around 38 weeks, so could be any day now that we get to meet the Littlest Anthony.  We have three names in the running, we’re going to see when she’s born which name is a fit.  Eli wanted to name her Doughnut, Dani voted for Princess and they all agreed on Cute Baby, so we’ve got some extra options in addition to the ones Davin and I chose.

Tonight Davin and I went on a date – we tried walking the mall and I had like only two contractions.  Boo-skies.  However, we ended our date at a place that makes ice cream filled doughnuts.  Yes, together.  Amazing.  Here’s some awesome iphone photos of our excursion.  And other random life.

Convincing Davin he should get these awesome Ray Bans.  He makes good arm candy, I think I’ll keep him;-)


So yummy right now.

A good sport joining me on my pregnant food journey.

Crazy good.  Probably 1 million calories.  Whatevs.IMG_8631Also, the other day, Davin carved out a watermelon and made a hat with the leftovers.  The kids loved it.  (please notice there IS a Krispy Kream box on my counter.  I only ate ONE, for reals.  #pregnancyisreal


And the girls were playing in my bathtub while I finished my hair, there is nothing so sweet as little sisters together.
IMG_8601More updates to come with the Littlest Anthony!

Also, this post was brought to you by… Tacos.


Tacos of all kinds.  It’s what is currently fueling me, for the most part.  Tacos and doughnuts… and ice cream.

Thanks for reading!