Cupdate… as in update on the Cups

So you can always wear white… or light colors, or any colors, or workout pants, or a dance leotard…


Hey girlfriends, because if you’re a boy, you have no needs to reads the rest.  See you next time guys!

Cups:  Still love the Diva.  Purchased the #2, post childbirth and do feel it suits me better on the heavy days.  My go-to on the rest is the Lunette.  Love this one.  Has become by far, my favorite.  The Lunette wins.  Amazon has it Here.  Easy and quick in it’s application.  Easy to rinse.  And most importantly, I can’t tell it’s there.  This is why it wins.  Some of my besties have also chimed in after jumping on the cup wagon and found the Pixie is also a gem and cheaper as well.  So far on the cup conversion rate, of the friends who’ve tried, they’ve become believers and stuck with it – saving money and making the planet more beautiful along with it:-)

Wash:  I love soap and all things clean, so of course I purchased cup wash.  I only bought this one and have barely gone through it, hence no need to try another at this point.  I love that literally the tiniest drop is needed and it smells like eucalyptus.  Be sure to always fully dry your cup to avoid infection (so says the gals on Amazon reviews;-)

AND NOW… Big NEWS – I tried period underwear and you should too!  I think facebook must have decided I was into a more natural approach to menstruation because Thinx was pretty much the only advertisement all the time.  Although it looked like a decent product, I started researching and found some others as well and gave a few a try.  Here are my findings and why I’ll keep a few pairs in my life.

In all the pairs I’ve tried, the inside is black, so any color will do and they look kinda adorable actually.

Thinx review:  The website is different in it’s approach, it appears to not just be selling a product, but so much more.  They blog on many different topics and share opinions that I may or may not agree with.  So I feel it’s tricky to endorse them fully because I never fully agree with anyone when it comes to opinions!  So I kinda don’t like it when products do that but anyway.  That being said, I’ll review JUST the product, not the brand.  I emailed them for a pair to test out and they asked me for a media kit.  Since I lack the time to make one, I just bought one pair with a coupon.

The underwear is legit, the thinnest by a small margin of the three I’ve tried.  I purchased one black pair of the cheeky in medium.  I don’t recommend the cheeky as they tended to wander a bit more than I’d like… cheeky = wedgie.  That being said, they do what they say they’ll do and it’s impressive.  I felt safe wearing them and never worried that if I got in a pinch and couldn’t dump and rinse my cup in time that there would be an embarrassing situation.

Vv SkiVvys review: I emailed the company and they sent me a pair to try out.  The founders are adorable.  I sampled  the Rochelle Sporty in tan.  These are basically waterproof.  I feel like even if I peed my pants, no one would know.  They ran a bit warmer than the other two I tested and it may be because they provide the most protection as far as leaks go.  I see a lot of ads at my gym for undergarment leak protection.  I feel like this would be a much preferred alternative to undergarment leak protection.  Appear bulletproof as far as any type of leaks go.

Dear Kate Review: They provide so many options – coverage: full or mini.  Type: thong, hipster or brief.  Workout pants…  Bright colors for days!  I purchased a few Ada thongs  and they fit great!  I also like the Ada hipster mini, one of my other faves.  Mini means less leak coverage and less thicker material on the garment itself.  Since I was only looking for occasional leak protection, not to replace a cup, the mini hipster and thong have proven to be my go-to’s.  The full ada hipster also works great, provides a ton of coverage and I would never worry that a leak would happen and I could probably ditch the cup and just wear a pair.  I like Dear Kate because of the colors and so many options – apparently I’m an options girl.  They also have great customer service.  I ordered a thong and didn’t love it and they took care of me right away with a replacement.

Now, if I love the cup, why the period underwear?

  1. Never ruin another cute pair of undies.  Ever.
  2. Never fear… is my cup leaking?  Did I get it in right?  Case and point.  When my car broke down in front of a Costco (busiest intersection ever around here) and I was stuck waiting for a tow, with two kids, I didn’t have time to go dump and rinse.  It was my heaviest day and fortunately for me I was test running a pair of Dear Kates and even though my cup started leaking… it was FINE.  NO worries at all.  It was like insurance.  I was SO HAPPY about it.
  3. Even though I chart my period, my body is not a clock and it loves to surprise me at times.  If I feel like it’s up to something sneaky, a day or two before it’s arrival, I can toss on a pair and not worry for even a second.  Oh haaay period… I was ready.
  4. Am I the only one with 7th grade pad trauma?  I was ALWAYS afraid someone would see a leak or hear my diaper pad.  All I remember about math class was worrying that if I stood up there would be blood on my pants.  THE WORST.  Please tell me I am not alone in this memory?  I hate pads, but I digress.  This has changed me from period fears to no fears.  I just never have to worry.
  5. Light days.  You know when your period is over… but it’s not quite over?  I can just toss on a pair and go on with my day be like, “you can be over whenever because I have no cares whatsoever.”

So in the end – period underwear removed one more layer of stress from my life.

Please appreciate my lack of ironed clothing.  These shorts say, “I’m a mom, I was on the ground with my kids, I’m gonna live my life.”
100% have yet to master that adorable kissing child photo.  Attempt #152…fail.  #whataremylipsevendoing #Eveswillhavenoneofit #illkeeptrying

I have four little kids and I can’t always run to the bathroom right when I want to and towards the end of of a cycle I can just toss on a pair and be done with it.  I never have to see a pad again if I don’t want to and washing them is a breeze.

So besides yourself, who would benefit from these?  Your pre-teen daughter, niece, friend.  ANY woman who’s about to deliver a baby.  No matching diapers!  These would be a great gift for any of the above:-)

Let me know what you think ladies!

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

One thought on “Cupdate… as in update on the Cups

  1. Love it! I started my cup life 6 years ago with the Diva Cup size 2. Never went back. (I’d had a traumatic tampon experience and was OVER IT.) Then when I decided to replace my original cup there were so many new brands! I can’t even remember which brand I went with, but I loved that there were colors now, and the new one was a little thinner and more flexible which was a better fit for my body. Still in love. In 6 years I’ve never had to leak and on most days I go 10-12 hours between changes, so I just have to be in a private bathroom before bed and before I leave the house in the morning.

    I’ve been on the fence about the undies and totally wanting to try them. Precisely for the reason of the its-almost-over-but-not-quite-over and now my body likes to do it’s-starting-but-its-not-quite-started as well. Thanks for the reviews!


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