Hot Dog Stand

So occasionally the Lord speaks to me.  It’s not an audible voice.  It’s almost always a picture in my mind, followed (usually) an explanation of what it means and clarification for whom the Word is for.  That may sound crazy-timez to you.  But that’s okay. In 1 Corinthians 12:4-6, the Aposotle Paul gives the deets … Continue reading Hot Dog Stand

Letting Go of Control

My kids started preschool today. That doesn’t sound like a big deal being a teacher, until it’s your own kids. I feel like my heart could burst in thankfulness to the Lord for everything He is doing and has done in my life since the beginning of this summer.  When God promised me (while in … Continue reading Letting Go of Control

banana bread crumbs

(You’ll have to excuse my writing if it sounds funny.  I’ve been reading one of G.K. Chesterson’s fictional novels, and it’s absolutely convoluting my writing style, but I care not, he’s amazing. Try to bear through it, my apologies.) Earlier this morning, as I was spending my short quiet time reading an article my husband … Continue reading banana bread crumbs

keeping it simple: da holidaze

I’m pretty sure 1 bajillion (totally a real number in my world) people have already written about this.  AND, they’ve probably even said it better. But I’m going to share it anyway, because when I was listening to K-Love and Air1 a few months ago and had heard some of the same songs a few … Continue reading keeping it simple: da holidaze