abiding holiday

cropped-img_8064.jpgWhat does abiding holiday mean and why did I pick that title?

I chose this blog title for the following reasons:

1) It was available.  Congratulations, it said, this web address is available.

2) Whenever I abide in Christ, my life although still ruffled with challenges, feels more like a holiday than a regular day.

3) Life truly lived IN Christ, is like heaven on earth, and for those of us who don’t yet know what that feels like, a holiday is the closest things I can think of to describe it: where one feels free, light-hearted and full of adventure.

4) I admit defeat to the fact that my previous blog title was difficult to understand, pronounce and spell correctly.  Although the word abiding is still a little bit tricky, I think we can make a go of it.

Life is an adventure, thanks for joining me!

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